Inspection Types & Services Offered 


Buyer's Inspection

This inspection is the most common inspection and is conducted once a contract has been placed during the option period. This inspection is designed and intended to aid in determining if any issues exist within the house. 

This is an outstanding tool in helping you as a buyer make an informed decision on your new home. 

Pre-Listing Inspection

This inspection is for those of you that are thinking of selling or are getting ready to sell your house. Prior to listing  the house you hire Grand Slam Home Inspection to come in and discover any possible hidden issues that might exist and offer possible corrective solutions to them. This could potentially increase the property’s value while reducing surprises later down the road. 

11-Month Inspection 

This is an inspection for newly built homes. This inspection is done just before the home is one year old. During this inspection we are looking for defects that might be covered under the home's one-year warranty offered by most builders.

Phase Inspections

These inspections are for new construction homes and are split into three phases. Phase 1 (Pre-pour), Phase 2 (Pre-drywall), Phase 3 (Final). In phase 1, we look at the foundation elements such as plumbing, rebar tension cables and more before the concrete is placed. In phase 2, we inspect the structure systems such as electrical, plumbing and structural members before the drywall is placed. And phase 3 is the final inspection when the house is completed before the final walk. These inspections are very beneficial to find hidden issues before they are covered up by concrete or drywall and to avoid potential problems down the road.  

Termite (WDI) Inspection

Wood Destroying Insects (WDI) Inspections, also called a Termite Inspection include Termites, Carpenter ants, and beetles. Over time they can do extensive and expensive damage to homes and other structures. This service can be done at the same time as your home inspection. A WDI inspection can help identify the presence of these insects as well as conditions that are conducive to them. A WDI Inspection is a visual survey of the home and it’s immediate surroundings for the presence of wood destroying insects or conditions favorable to their presence. These inspections are done by our inspectors in conjunction with our partners at Pest Inspection Network Inc.

Specialty Inspections (Add-On Services)

Some homes have additional systems that are not covered in the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Standards of Practice but still need to be inspected by a trained professional. These can include, but are not limited to, Pools / Spas, Sewer Scope, Sprinkler systems, Septic systems, Water Well systems and water testing. We proudly offer these Specialty Inspections that can be added onto any of our other inspection services.

Included Services 

We include Thermal Imaging with every inspection Free of charge!!. This gives us the ability to see thermal abnormalities behind the walls such as missing or improperly installed insulation, hidden water leaks and more that would otherwise not be seen without thermal imaging. We also include detached garages and sprinkler inspections included with every inspection At No Additional Cost.

House Fogging 

This process is done after closing and prior to move-in while the property is vacant. The Inspector will fog the interior living spaces of the residence utilizing an intermediate level disinfecting agent that kills over 99.99% of, but not limited to, bacteria, mold, fungal spores, human bloodborne pathogens and odor causing microorganisms. It is OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Standard Compliant. There is no rinse or wipe required and no harmful residue will need to be removed. It is safe on food contact surfaces. The product is made from botanical essential oils with no synthetic fragrances, dyes, ammonia, chlorine or endocrine disruptors. This service can be added onto any of our inspection services. 

Services Offered 

Buyer's Inspection 

Pre Listing Inspection 

Phase Inspection

 ​(pre-pour, pre-drywall, final)​

11-Month Inspection 

Pool Inspections

Septic Inspections

Water Well Inspections

House Fogging 

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