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The role of the inspector is to inspect homes not only to the standards set forth by the state of Texas, but to also inspect at the level of service designed by Grand Slam Inspections. We pride ourselves in providing a non-biased, comprehensive report, to assist our clients in making an educated decision when considering purchasing their new home.

Job Description:

  • High school degree or GED

  • Active TREC License

  • Great verbal communication skills

  • Must have mobile phone

  • Good mobile app skills on phone

  • Good general physical and mental health

  • Must be able to get on/off and walk roofs safely

  • Must not be afraid of heights (acrophobia)

  • Must not be afraid of small spaces such as crawl spaces (claustrophobic)

  • Must be very coachable and teachable

  • No addictions: alcohol, prescribed or illegal drugs

  • Must have reliable transportation capable of carrying & securing tools & ladders

Regular Work Activities:

  • Perform residential home inspections

  • Perform WDI termite inspections

  • Perform add-on services inspections: thermal imaging, pool & spa, well, septic, pier/dock/bulkhead inspections

  • Attend ongoing training in-house and in the field

Key Skills:

  • Have very good people skills.

  • Strong verbal communication skills

  • Be teachable/coachable

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Exceptional organizational skills

  • Good skills texting and using phone apps

  • Well-developed empathy for working with stressed clients

  • Ability to actively listen and remain calm under pressure in confrontational situations

  • Ability to interpret and analyze data

  • Concern about doing things the “right way”

  • Passion to be great and help our company become one of the best in the industry.

We’re Hiring


  •  Very competitive compensation 

  •  Expensive tools such as sewer scope, IR camera, ziplevel will be provided

  •  We cover the CEUs, HAR/SUPRA memberships

About Us:

Grand Slam Home Inspections is a local family owned and operated home inspection company serving the greater Houston area. We pride ourselves in Inspecting To A Higher Standard. Established in 2020 and we are growing year after year. We look forward to welcoming new talent and becoming one of the top referred companies in the Houston Area!!

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